Good News: Shriners donate school uniforms

PORT WENTWORTH, GA (WTOC) - A new uniform underscores the basic concept of uniforms in school.

"When you don't have to worry about what you have on and all you have to do is worry about your work," said Port Wentworth Elementary Principal, Dr. Jamika Wright. "That's what's important to us and what's important to them."

Port Wentworth Elementary students won't have to worry about meeting the school's uniform code for a while because the Shriners of the Omar Temple Number 21 took that concern away.

Temple's bike unit donated 30 brand new uniforms to the school with just one intent.

"We wanted to ensure," said John Parker, potentate of Omar Temple Number 21, "that, along with the education they receive, that they receive the tools for such also, being nice and clean new uniforms."

The school will hold the uniforms and hand them out to students as needed.

"Sometimes we have students who come to school that need something or spill something on their clothes," said Wright. "And just to have something to put on so they can smell fresh and look fresh will make them happy."

"It makes them feel good. They want to look like everyone else, they want to be fresh and be clean, look presentable for the class, be all nice and tucked in, so they like having a new uniform."

Giving the gift had a similar effect on the Shriners.

"It makes us feel awesome, makes me feel wonderful," said Parker. "We are a community-oriented benevolent organization. We're just really wanting to make sure the kids in our community are taken care of."

And that they won't be the only ones.

"This is our first for 2017," said Baker. "We have approximately eight or nine more drives that we're going to do this year."

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