Second round of meetings underway regarding Laurel Bay health concerns

. - Wednesday afternoon marks round two of town hall meetings for Laurel Bay residents.

We've been following this story since a former resident posted her heartbreaking story on YouTube, going into detail about her daughter's leukemia diagnosis and their stay at Laurel Bay.

In the video, the mother makes some claims regarding equipment on the grounds. The former resident mentions underground oil tanks and a potential leak that could have contaminated the soil and groundwater. That claim is the reason the Air Station is holding Wednesday's meeting because they want to explain the tank removal process, the reason the tanks were on the premises in the first place, and what they have done since removing that equipment.

According to the Air Station, those tanks were used to heat the homes back in the 1950s but have not been used since the 80s, and were essentially left in place underneath the homes. The Marine Corps started removing the tanks 10 years ago, and as of 2015, all had been removed. During the removal process, several areas were tested including homes on Laurel Bay Blvd., Balsam Street, and Aspen Street. Now, the Air Station says they chose those areas because the oil tanks could be removed without damaging the home.

In total, 39 homes were tested, and the Marine Corps found that there was no potential vapor intrusion. In other words, they didn't find any potential exposures to dangerous chemicals.

During Wednesday evening's meeting, the Air Station is supposed to bring residents up to speed on where they are with testing and what the results mean for those children.

We reached out to the mother in the video - Amanda Watley. She declined to comment for now, but says she will be resuming her talks with the media once she gets a chance to process the information delivered at the meeting.

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