Downtown Savannah armed robbery caught on camera near Forsyth Park

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The manager of a downtown Savannah business is speaking out about how he says detectives followed up on an armed robbery that happened a week ago today.

The crime was caught on surveillance camera, but investigators didn't look at the video until this morning. Detectives, scouting the area for surveillance cameras that could've recorded the robbery, found some at a business on the north side of Forsyth Park.

It was last Thursday that they called the manager to see if they could look at the video.

Several surveillance cameras were rolling around 11:30 last Wednesday night when the two thieves turned the corner from Gaston to Bull Street. You can see a group of three coming from the other side of the frame and once they pass each other, the two robbers turn around and pull a gun.

A woman takes off, but her two companions are left to surrender personal belongings at gunpoint before the suspects turn and run toward Gaston.

Crimes like this are exactly why Michael Lunsford says his business installed surveillance cameras.

"We put them up because there has been a rise in crime in the area," said downtown business manager Michael Lunsford.

Lunsford says when police called him last week about the video of the robbery, that he reviewed the tape and found the exact moments when the robbery took place.

"After I went through the surveillance, I did notify the police and let them know I did find it. And I was told the detectives would be by Tuesday, but I didn't understand why it would take so long for them to do it. And I was told it was probably because of the holiday," said Lunsford.

We reached out to the police department to see what they had to say:

Jan. 11 an armed robbery of two individuals occurred near Bull Street and East Gordon Lane, prompting an investigation by Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police. It was brought to the attention of the department that a nearby business was concerned about a delay in obtaining surveillance video associated with this case. The video was first requested by detectives from the business in question on Jan. 12. Due to extenuating circumstances the video was retrieved on Wednesday, Jan. 18. Detectives maintained communication with the business to coordinate attempts to gather the footage for the last few days.

The business owner says Maj. Zapal did come by Wednesday to personally apologize for the delayed response.

As far as we know, the two robbers have not been arrested yet.

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