Local law professor, former Democratic insider reacts to inauguration

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - One local law professor watched the presidential inauguration from his office Friday - but with a with a unique and informed perspective.

Andrew Wright was the associate White House counsel and special assistant to President Obama before coming to work at the Savannah Law School.

And while he said Friday's ceremony was the celebration of democracy it's supposed to be, he was not entirely comfortable with Donald Trump's speech - saying that so many knocks on how things are in America presently did not represent the transition from campaigning mode to governing mode this day is supposed to be about.

Wright said he tried his best to view it as the ceremony and celebration of democracy that the inauguration is supposed to be and not necessarily from a partisan standpoint.

Wright has attended three inaugurations going back to Bill Clinton's first in 1992 -- but he watched this one on his laptop in his office on Drayton Street -- and said he thought it was the traditional transfer of power with all the pageantry we see every four years -- and, as always an important symbolic moment for the country.

But as the former Associate White House Counsel and Special Assistant to President Obama, Wright was not completely comfortable with the tone of Donald Trump's speech, saying that several knocks on how things are in America right now did not reflect the transition from campaign mode to governing mode that we usually see on this day.

"We'll see, now he's in power, all those agencies are going to report to him, he's going to be responsible for the statistics that come out on unemployment, so he might not have the same incentive to question it, so we'll see how it goes from here, but I do think there were a lot of negatives and dark tones in his speech and this is supposed to be a moment of jubilation and celebration of our democracy, optimism about the future, so we'll see if we go there from here." Andrew Wright.

Wright also said that while it was unusual that 30 Democratic members of the house chose to not attend the inauguration, that really had no impact on the prestige or pageantry of the event.

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