Screven Co. experiences weather damage

Screven Co. experiences weather damage

SCREVEN CO., GA (WTOC) - Many of Saturday's worst weather damage reports were in Screven County.

The Screven County High School auditorium, along with several houses in the area, experienced roof damage; One of the fire stations suffered damage to the garage door and one whole side of the building ripped off.

Drake Thompson saw what he and others believed was a tornado.

"I saw limbs flying everywhere, then I saw sparks. Then I saw water being sucked up in the air from the pond," said Drake Thompson, witness.

One man described what he saw upon arrival.

"Lots of destruction.. trees all over the place, on top of cars, across roads, on houses... total destruction, and a stop sign up in a tree," said Troy Bohannon, storm victim.

Sheriff's deputies directed traffic at an intersection where a stop sign got destroyed while others checked damaged homes to make everyone had gotten out safe.

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