Appling Co. plans to move forward after storm damage

APPLING CO., GA (WTOC) - The storm hit early Sunday in Appling County and threatened to bring more this evening—But the Appling County Emergency Operations Center in Baxley can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

The last wave of this storm has come and gone. It brought some more rain, but luckily not the lightning and winds they had feared. They'd already seen enough.

Severe winds and downpours brought down trees and plenty more in Baxley and Appling counties.

"You could see where it took some of the trees and took the top and it just started touching down from there," said Michael Beecher, neighbor.

The storm took its toll on Zoar Road, where it dropped trees on and around many houses.

"We've got homes damaged. We've got trailers damaged. We've got roads that are damaged," Sheriff Mark Melton, Appling County.

Inches of water overflowed ponds and branches and sent water onto roads, washing out some dirt roads and forcing count crews to close many.

With the threat of more weather over, folks can finally start to move forward. Georgia Power crews have been working on generator power all day at the EOC. They'll continue assessing damage across the state Monday.

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