Traffic calming circles to be re-installed in Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Drivers speeding through Olin Heights became enough of an issue that the City of Savannah intervened, installing permanent traffic calming circles last year.

"We thought it was going to be wider. We thought people would actually have to come close to a stop to go through, or something. And you see, they just flew by! I could hear them," said Constance Buckley, lives near traffic calming circle.

Buckley says if anything, people seem to be driving just as fast if not faster since the traffic circle was built at the intersection near her home.

Buckley's city council representative agrees that the traffic circles appear to be missing the mark, and explains why.

"This was a 10-year project, to have these traffic calming devices here. We were finally able to push that through, but then when we built it, we miss built it," said District 4 Alderman Julian Miller.

The director of traffic engineering for Savannah says the outer part of the circle should be two inches tall, the inner circle six inches. They both fall short, and engineers didn't realize it until after the circles were installed.

"It was after we started looking into the problems. They would explain to us that the other one seems higher and more visible. And started looking at it and yes, we started measuring and determined it was not built according to the details and specifications that we provided," said Savanah Traffic Engineering Director Mike Weiner.

Despite the irregularities, Weiner says traffic studies show the circles are making a difference, slowing traffic down.

But the city will be hiring a different construction team to do the job right this time, a process they hope to begin by the end of next month.

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