Wilmington Island homes damaged by fallen trees during weekend storms

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - A few months after Hurricane Matthew devastated our area, another wave of dangerous storms ravaged the southeast this weekend.

We decided to send a team to Wilmington Island to assess possible damage. There were a few downed trees on top of homes and across the street.

"It was still early morning, and I saw the neighbor over here walking outside in his bathrobe," said Wilmington Island Resident Richard Zimmer. "So I figured something was wrong, and then I saw that the limb was down over there. And it was laying on both houses, and it did a little damage to one of the houses."

However, any damage is not good news for an area continuing to recover after Hurricane Matthew.

There were a few power outages reported after the storms, but checking the Georgia Power Outage Map shows that it has been restored.

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