Savannah women react to historic march

(Source: Bertice Berry)
(Source: Bertice Berry)
(Source: CNN)
(Source: CNN)
(Source: Erica Scales)
(Source: Erica Scales)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Hundreds of thousands of men and women are back home following a historic march in our nation's capital this weekend.

In total, more than 600 women's marches were held worldwide. Many of the marchers are now focusing on what's next.

One woman said she went as a way of healing. Another said she went just to be a part of it.

Erica Scales called the event "world-altering." She is just one of the women who marched in Washington. The record-breaking crowd marched across D.C. and past the White House making their voices heard.

Dr. Bertice Berry was also in that crowd along with Scales.

"This was not a march against. This was a march for, we weren't there in hatred. There were Democrats and Republicans, and Independents. You name it," said. Dr. Berry.

She's encouraging people to call local, state and even national lawmakers. When asked if they'll care in two months, she's confident.

"They won't be able to ignore it," said Berry. "All of us who were there, 1.2 million, are sharing what we learned with all of our friends."

"When I looked around and saw the crowd, I realized everyone has their own purpose, but the one unifying goal was to be there as strong Americans," said Scales.

Scales doesn't know exactly what she'll do next, but she knows there must be more. Whether it's participation in local politics, fighting for the people with no voice, or being an example for her daughter, Scales said that involvement from unified groups can be dynamic.

"It would change the country. It'd change the town. I think the more involved you get, the more you feel that sense of 'I do matter. My voice does matter,'" said Scales.

Making this the start and not just a one-time protest.

Around 200 Savannah women went to the march in D.C. Between 800 and 1,000 participated in a separate march through the squares in downtown Savannah.

Some of the participants are starting a Savannah Chapter of the League of Women Voters; an art event is scheduled for the Savannah Planned Parenthood offices. They also have planned a rally for April 15 if President Donald Trump hasn't released his tax returns.

The links provided below will assist you in identifying, contacting and interacting with your elected officials:

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