SCHP teaming with local law enforcement to target aggressive drivers

SOUTH CAROLINA (WTOC) - Tuesday marks the start of the South Carolina Department of Public Safety's campaign to stop aggressive drivers. They are working their way throughout the state, targeting aggressive drivers on the deadliest roads.

This campaign is part of a statewide initiative called "Target Zero" and that's the number of fatal collisions South Carolina Highway Patrol is working towards. They say one life lost out here on these roads is far too many.

What they are doing is teaming up troopers with local law enforcement in this life-saving campaign. It's a three-day enforcement period where officials will be out along roads in Beaufort and Jasper counties that have a history of being dangerous to drivers. In 2016, 981 people lost their lives in collisions on state roads.

The leading causes of these collisions were speed, failure to follow the right of way and the rules of the road, and distracted driving. The goal is to take this campaign across the state to focus on finding and correcting aggressive driving behaviors.

"If you've ever driven on an interstate or a roadway, you've certainly witnessed aggressive driving. Somebody tailgating you too close, beeping their horn. Trying to push you out of the way. Speeding around cars. You know, the decisions you make don't just affect you, obviously, it affects the traffic around you," said Sgt. Bob Beres.

The campaign is kicking off in our area towards the end of February. Right now, the Department of Public Safety is still finalizing which roads in Beaufort and Jasper counties they plan to increase enforcement on and study.

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