Vandals break window, spray paint racial slur on disabled veteran's truck

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - A Hinesville family arrived home to find they're victims of vandalism, including a racial slur spray-painted on the side of one of their vehicles.

Police are now looking into the crime, saying whoever is responsible for this will face several charges including property damage and possibly more.

Kelcey Randolph, a white woman, and her husband, a black man, came home to find a broken window on their truck and a spray-painted racial slur on the driver side door late Sunday night. Randolph said the paint was still fresh.

"I saw the window busted and the writing on the side of the truck, so I didn't pull up. We just stopped right there. And that's when my husband and I just decided to call and report it," said Randolph.

The sight of the vandalism was frightening enough to cause the Randolphs' neighbors to check in on them to see if everyone was OK.

Neighbor Sabrina Simmons said, "Everyone should be concerned when something like that comes this close to your home. Everyone needs to be aware, and as neighbors, we need to look out for each other."

Besides the broken driver's side window and the spray-painted racial slur down the side of the pickup, the vandal, or vandals, put something in the gas tank and now the truck won't start.

"It's scary and it's hateful. It makes you wonder what's going on," Randolph said.

It's clear that even though the Randolph's were the intended targets of this act of intolerance and vandalism, that many who just pass by and see it are affected.

Simmons said, "The slur itself just took me to a different place. Being a soldier, I've dealt with all different types of people. But to come home and to try to feel safe in your own home, then to come outside your door and see something like that, it's just unbelievable."

A Hinesville Police Department spokesperson says this appears to be an isolated incident and that police aren't investigating any others like it at this time.

Randolph pointed out the vandals targeted her husband's truck, which has the disabled veteran Georgia license plate he earned serving the country.

If you have any information that can help police make an arrest, call 912.408.8277.

The Hinesville Police Dept. released the following sketch of the suspect:

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