Mayor Eddie DeLoach states key issue ahead of State of the City Address

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach will issue his State of the City address next week.

Tuesday night, he is giving us a sneak preview.

Mayor DeLoach, spoke with Young Republican members downtown Tuesday. The mayor, bringing them up to speed on development plans and more for 2017.

He says business is growing faster than ever and so is the employment rate. Listen as he explains his number one goal for the new year.

"My key issue is what are we going to do about housing for the people who have no housing in the City of Savannah. That's our key issue up at the state right now. I know it's not the big thing that you need to talk about, but it's the important thing to talk about. We've got 6,000 families that don't have homes," said Mayor DeLoach.

He said, this year, the city needs to work on offering more affordable housing to families.

His State of the City address is Thursday, February 9.

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