Residents concerned with traffic as Boundary St. Project moves forward

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Drivers in Beaufort may have noticed changes as the Boundary Street project moves right along.

A few months ago the new intersection at Robert Smalls Parkway opened, and now crews are working to finish another crucial part of this project

Workers have carved out a new connection between the north and south ends of First Street over the past several weeks. It runs parallel to Boundary Street behind the Walgreens and Chick-fil-A, and within the next couple of weeks, the road will be paved and opened for public use.

The Boundary Street project is an attempt to beautify the entrance to the city of Beaufort while improving communication, drainage systems and traffic flow, which includes this portion of First Street that will benefit both residents and commuters.

"So this is the quality of life we're talking about for our residents," said Senior Project Manager Neal Pugliese. "Before we had residents walking on the edge of the road on Boundary Street, now we're giving them the option to go ahead and walk on the sidewalk. So this represents a tremendous improvement in the quality of life."

Even though the products of this project are starting to be seen, residents say traffic is still an issue.

"Going from the other side of town, commutes for me have more than doubled,” said Luke Fairchild, a Beaufort resident. “It takes about what used to be five minutes to get out of my neighborhood, now takes 15 minutes just waiting for traffic to calm down. So it's been rough trying to plan ahead for that one."

As of right now, the project is on budget with a price tag of about $32 million.
Officials hope to have it completed at the beginning of 2018.

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