Electronic stores see increase in TV sales ahead of Super Bowl

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Super Bowl is only four days away and many are looking to purchase a new TV, but is it actually a good time to buy one?

The answer is yes. Now is the best time to buy a TV, even better than Black Friday. This is due to the new TV models that are set to come out next month. The stores need to make room.

If you are in the market for a new television, 4K is very popular. However, you should know some of your favorite shows may not be broadcast in 4K just yet, and that includes the Super Bowl.

That said, Joseph Holmes with Best Buy in Savannah says getting a high-performance TV will still enhance your viewing experience.

"No, the Super Bowl will not be broadcast in 4K but 4K is upscale," Holmes said. "So they make that 1080p feed that we're already getting, much better, much clearer. You get a way different experience than what we get every day through televisions. There's 4K Blu-Rays, 4K streaming through Netflix, Hulu, things like that.  There are tons of ways to take advantage of the 4K train now."

Holmes says they have been really busy so far, and expects more people to buy a TV this year, especially since the Atlanta Falcons are playing in the Super Bowl.

"I looked at this system maybe two months ago and it's half price right now, so I'm back!  So, this is the one I need to take home," said Atlanta Falcons fan, Anthony Phillips.

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