City employees save lives of woman, child during Sylvania house fire

SYLVANIA, GA (WTOC) - A house fire at a Sylvania duplex Thursday morning nearly claimed the lives of a woman and her child.

The quick action of two city employees made the difference in life and death. A Sylvania police officer and city employee rescued them from the house. That employee says he happened by the neighborhood for the strangest of reasons.

"I'd forgotten my wallet and when I got to work, I told them I had to go back home to get it," said city employee, Sam Bostic.

He saw smoke coming from a house on South Hull Street and called for help. Cpl. Shane Burke got there next and headed for the door.

"We kicked in the door and a lady was inside waking up and screaming what was going on. We told her the house was on fire," said Cpl. Shane Burke, Sylvania.

The men gathered the woman's child and rushed the two outside as fire trucks arrived.

"These guys won't take credit, but it's just amazing to me when I get to a scene, how they're all working together," said Chief Gary Weaver, Sylvania Fire/Police.

This makes Burke's second rescue - his first when he was a firefighter himself.

"We had to kick that door down and drag a lady outside because she was unconscious," he said.

WTOC: "Had you ever had to do something like this?"

Bostic: "No sir. This was my first rodeo."

WTOC: "How bad was your heart going?"

Bostic: "It was beating pretty fast."

But, don't call either one of them heroes.

"I'm not a hero. I guess I was just in the right place at the right time," Bostic said.

While the city credits the men with saving these two lives, the investigation continues into what caused the fire.

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