'The Great Blacks in Wax Museum' being held as part of Savannah Black Heritage Festival

February is black history month and several events are taking place in Savannah to celebrate the accomplishments of those who paved the way for others in society.

Right now there is a traveling wax museum all the way from Baltimore, Maryland. It’s a part of the Savannah Black Heritage Festival, called ‘The Great Blacks in Wax Museum.’ 

Dr. Joanne Martin started this museum with her late husband and it is apart of their national museum complete with about 145 wax figures. Traveling is something she says they've always done, especially to remote areas for those who couldn't make it to Baltimore.
"The why for me is that our story should always be apart of the narrative that is America," said Dr. Martin. "And I want young people to understand their responsibility for seeing to it that that history gets shared and preserved."

Inside you will see wax figures of famous African Americans like Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston and Billie Holiday.
They all have a brief history card beside them explaining who the figure is and why they're important to America. There is also works of art on display on the walls.
One woman says she brought her daughter to be aware of the history and while she knew the people, she learned more detailed information about them and it was eye opening.


"There's so much on the rise, hate crimes, different things that are going on which I’m sure everyone is aware of,” said Sharon Simpson, Attendee. “I just think now more than ever that we need to grasp hold of a lot of the accomplishments that we as a people, African Americans have actually contributed to society."
There is an opening reception for the museum Sunday afternoon with refreshments. It;s sponsored by the City of Savannah and open to the public. The free traveling exhibit will be at the Beach Institute until Wednesday, February 8th.

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