Good News: Super Museum Sunday brings in crowds

Good News: Super Museum Sunday brings in crowds
The only thing better than experiencing some of the culture Savannah has to offer is experiencing it for free.

Around here, people might not have liked how Sunday ended because of the Super Bowl, but it sure got off to a good start.

"My favorite part is when people don't know it's Super Museum Sunday and they get all excited that they can get in for free,
said one museum visitor. 

Museums from Darien to Statesboro and all over Savannah opened their doors, extending Super Sunday beyond the television and snack table.

Admission was free at more than 60 cultural institutions for another Super Museum Sunday.

"It's a fantastic educational opportunity to experience the history of the area and some of the attractions ... it's fantastic,
said one annual Super Museum Sunday participant. We take advantage every year. Love it, love the museums.

The event was a win for those who were planning on visiting museums Sunday anyway. In the long run it could end up helping the museums as well.

"Because it's free, crowds are a heck of a lot larger than they are during the week,
said one museum worker. But we hope people see enough to know they want to come back.

"The goal is to spread awareness about the historical sites and also sometimes people who aren't well off enough to come out on their own, so this gives them the chance to bring the whole family here, said a museum employee. 

Super Museum Sunday is presented by the Georgia Historical Society. About 16,000 people take advantage of the event throughout the state.

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