Zoning Board of Appeals approves first proposal for Starland food truck park

Starland in Savannah is hungry for change.
A food truck park could soon be coming to the area; this comes after it recently got past its first big hurdle in the approval process.

"I feel great about food trucks coming here," said Clinton Edminster, Owner of Starlandia Reclaimed Creative Supply.

The empty parking lot in the Starland District at DeSoto Avenue and West 40th Street could soon be transformed into a food truck park.

"I think it'd be fantastic, said Cameron Dempsey, Sous Chef at the Wild. I've always been a fan of food trucks."

Clinton Edminster, a local business owner, says he feels there's a need for more food options in the area.

"There's kind of this magic bewitched moment in the Starland District right now between 3:00pm-5:00pm where there's no food in the area," said Edminster.

Sam Stratton, owner of Twin Forrest, agrees.

"During the night I'd love to come out here and enjoy some food,” said Stratton. “It's not very food cultury around here."

While food trucks have been met with a lot of controversy in other parts of Savannah, there seems to be less concern and more support here.

"Overall, the net gain in the neighborhood is going to be hugely beneficial so I don't think there's really, other than the parking concern, that anybody's really looking at this in a negative way," said Edminster.

"I don't know that parking would ever become an issue,
said Dempsey How many people would ever drive to go to a food truck?"

Right now, this is just an idea.

The Zoning Board of Appeals recently approved a proposal for a restaurant with alcohol sales on the condition the site be buffered on all sides. But there's still a long way to go in the process. 

"I think it's just going to be an up and coming area,
said Stratton. I would assume in 5-10 years it's going to look completely different."

Edminster hopes the food trucks will be the start of the area's transformation, and soon.

"We're really just looking forward to having this open, probably in about a year," said Edminster.

One of the next steps in the process will be site plan consideration where they submit blue prints of what the final space will look like.

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