Testimony expected to resume Wednesday in 2014 murder trial

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Kevin Palmer's trial continued in Chatham County on Tuesday.

Palmer is accused of shooting and killing William Whitsett in 2014 and dumping his body near King George Boulevard and Highway 204.

Tuesday, the AT&T worker who discovered Whitsett's body took the stand along with an ex-girlfriend of Palmer's, a medical examiner and a homicide detective.

Assistant District Attorney Matt Breedon: "Who was the person who kept the drugs?"

Detective: "Kevin Palmer."

Breedon: "Who was the person you saw trying to walk through the crime scene?"

Detective: "Kevin Palmer."

Breedon: "Who was the person who gave varying statements about what possible ways Will Whitsett could have been murdered?"

Detective: "Kevin Palmer."

Breedon also asked the detective who the person was who lied about having Whitsett's shotgun.
He answered Kevin Palmer.

Testimony is expected to continue Wednesday.

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