Bluffton residents unhappy with proposed redevelopment of golf course

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - The proposed redevelopment of one of the Lowcountry's original golf courses has many Bluffton residents up in arms.

On Wednesday, Beaufort County Council members held a meeting to involve the public in their upcoming negotiations with property owners in regards to the Hilton Head National Golf Club.

The meeting was packed with Bluffton residents speaking out about their concerns over the rezoning project of the Hilton Head National Golf Club property.

Bluffton resident Bob Olori said, "It's not the place that I moved to. I moved from a place that went through this."

Owners want to rezone nearly 300 acres to potentially create new housing, retail shops, a hotel and convention center and a water park. However, residents have been raising big concerns over the impact this will have.

"The density increase and all of the expanded development that's going to pour more traffic onto our roads and make our quality of life go down," said Mike Raymond, a Bluffton resident.

County leaders at the meeting on Wednesday said they hear these complaints and they want to keep the public involved. That's making all the difference in their decision to slow down and to draft an agreement for development with property owners.

"That's the domino, you know one misplaced domino knocks the whole thing down," said Bluffton resident Margie Fox. "And I think that's kind of where we're at almost there right now. If this development goes and it's not done the way it's supposed to, it's going to impact thousands of lives."

The county subcommittee on this project is planning to hold at least two more public meetings as they continue to work with the owners on what should become of this property. They are encouraging people to continue to share their opinions in writing and send them to Beaufort County Council.

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