Kevin Palmer's ex-girlfriend takes stand in day 3 of 2014 murder trial

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Kevin Palmer's murder trial continued on Wednesday in Savannah.

Palmer is accused of shooting and killing William Whitsett in 2014 and dumping his body.

On Wednesday, Palmer's girlfriend at the time of Whitsett's death, Genevieve Meeks, took the stand to testify. Originally, Meeks was facing malice murder charges, along with her then-boyfriend. Now, she is facing drug charges on account of her testimony.

In the courtroom, Meeks broke down, recounting the moment she was with Palmer when he allegedly took a phone call from Whitsett the day of his death.

Meeks said, "He (Palmer) talked to him (Whitsett) for a minute, but they weren't on the phone very long. Afterward, I was asking him (Palmer) what he (Whitsett) said, and if he (Whitsett) was okay. And he (Palmer) said he (Whitsett) was on his way to Florida and that he (Whitsett) was fine. I kept asking him (Palmer) questions and he couldn't give me any specifics. He (Palmer) said that he was talking to him (Whitsett) and the phone hung up before he could ask him all of those questions."

Assistant District Attorney Matt Breedon asked, "Were you able to hear who was on the other end of the phone?"

Meeks responded, "No, sir."

Breedon said, "Would he allow you to hear who was on the other end?"

Meeks answered, "No, sir."

Testimony is expected to continue on Thursday.

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