Good News: One Love Animal Rescue

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Just as the birds flew south for the winter, the dogs and cats will head north.

Shady Pines Boarding Facility is tucked away on the south side of Savannah, but the combined efforts of several other organizations are using the facility to help out some furry friends. The facility, along with help from One Love Animal Rescue, will be moving 44 dogs and cats north for adoption.

Overcrowding has been an issue for local animal shelters and Christina Dolan has sought to help where she can. Dolan, along with her sister in law, created One Love Animal Rescue in an attempt to make sure that every animal has a home.

"This is a really complicated process and we do our best. We really put forth a lot of effort to make sure these animals are safe and healthy before transport, during transport, and after they're received. Behind the scenes, it's taken us a couple of months to coordinate this. We make sure they're properly vetted, we have fosters who take the puppies and kitties home with them to ensure they're healthy and safe. We have one love volunteers and others in the community who come and walk the dogs, make sure they're receiving their medication. They do anything and everything to make sure they're happy and healthy," said Dolan.

Dolan and her sister are devoted to their cause of helping animals and they are always looking for volunteers.

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