Chatham County Commission stressing team effort to accomplish goals

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Chatham County commissioners are pushing for other local government agencies to work with them to improve the entire Coastal Empire.

At Friday's commission meeting, they stressed the importance of improving the economic development and education in or area. But since they only directly affect the unincorporated areas, they say it's going to take a team effort to accomplish these goals because each different entity can offer something different.

"We have to have the municipalities working with it, we have to have the school board working with it, we have to have the commission working with it, we have to have the mayor and alderman working with it, so it's a plan for everybody. We have to have the business communities just as well as we have the others," said District 8 Commissioner Chester Ellis.

If you'd like to see the detailed blueprint with research on what they think is needed for Chatham County, please click here.

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