Huge crowds form in Savannah for Planned Parenthood protest

More than a hundred people joined on opposite sides of 71st Street Saturday taking a stand for, and against Planned Parenthood.

A protest that didnt just take place in Savannah, but all over the country.

The Defund Planned Parenthood Protest turned into more when one side of the street stood people strongly against the organization while the other side stood folks proudly in support of Planned Parenthood.
The folks against say the organization is not the best option, saying their numbers and information are skewed and that there's plenty of other options available for women in need in Savannah and across the nation.
But abortions are not an option for them. They say women should choose adoption instead.
On the flip side those in support of Planned Parenthood say they recognize and appreciate the services there, saying healthcare is important for everyone especially with talks of repealing the affordable care act.
"I don't want my money going to Planned Parenthood, who is the biggest abortion provider in the USA,” said Paula Kinard, Organizer. “And they do such a minute percentage of other services."

"We here today again because we care about people and we care about people being able to access healthcare, and that’s really what it comes down to," said Courtnay “CoCo” Papy, Organizer.

More people actually showed up in support of Planned Parenthood and they say they couldnt have asked for a better turn out

Protestors say they did this to let Congress know they're taking a stand against Planned Parenthood.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - "We believe that it is morally wrong to fund the taking of an unborn life," said Kinard.

"Planned Parenthood really does provide a multitude of services," said Papy. "I think sometimes people concentrate on the abortion issue."

According to Planned Parenthood only 3 percent of all of their health services they provide are abortions but those against the organization say this number is misleading.

"There's been a lot of false information and plenty of us have known this for a while," said Kinard.

"I would just implore people to learn more about what Planned Parenthood does in their specific community and how much they've really helped people," said Papy.

Those against Planned Parenthood prefer women go to the plenty of other services available to women.

"We want our tax dollars to be used in a totally different way to care for women who are genuinely in need of good healthcare services, not abortion," said Kinard.

"It's really important in this moment right now especially as we're looking at the affordable care act being repealed, that we really protect the places that do provide services to people," said Papy.

In regards to these protests and rallies Planned Parenthood issued a statement in part saying, "It's clear that the vast majority of Americans do not want, and will not stand to see, reproductive health and rights attacked. We saw that when millions marched around the world for the women's march, and we're seeing that now."

They also said, "We do ask anyone wishing to show support for Planned Parenthood and our work not to rally outside of a health center... These rallies can often be intimidating, and can inadvertently prevent patients from getting the care they need."

They went on to say you should rally at a local elected official's office instead.

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