North Beach Grill hosts fundraiser for mom battling cancer for second time

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - More than 100 people packed North Beach Grill Saturday night for a Beat the Cancer Bash.

They all joined in support to help a Tybee woman battling the disease for a second time.

It was a huge party for Leigh Ryan. Friends, family and strangers wanted to show her love and she says she can't thank them enough.

Leigh Ryan is a devoted mother of twins, sister, daughter, and friend.

In October of 2015 she found 2 lumps in her breast.

"I had just a normal mammogram 3 days before," said Ryan.

That mammogram and an ultrasound both came back normal.

"I again insisted that no this wasn't right and they sent me for an MRI and found 2 masses."

She won the fight against Breast Cancer and is now battling Brain Cancer.

"When we all got the news that it was back, the Cancer had metastasized to her brain, I said you know what wins battles and what moves mountains, you know what makes miracles is love, support," said Carter Luciani.

Ryan's friend Carter Luciani and about 50 volunteers put Saturday's fundraiser together at North Beach Grill saying she wants to make sure Leigh and her twin daughters have everything they need to fight this once again.

"She starts her chemo back on Monday, so we want to give her the strength to move mountains starting Monday," said Luciani.

People from all over the Southeast came out to donate or be apart of the silent auction, and raffles.

"People that I've never even met have come up to me today just to give me their love and say they've been praying for me," said Ryan.

Kathryn Williams co-owner of North Beach Grill says they're donating 18 percent of Saturday night's sales to the cause.

"We feel so fortunate to live in this community that we try to give back," said Williams.

They tell me the community support has been extraordinary.

"I just cant even tell you how thankful I am to the community for all that they've done. Its completely overwhelming. I'm just so blessed to be in this community and have the friends that I have," said Ryan.

Ryan says if you're in this same situation you have to fight for yourself.

"You have to trust your own judgment and just know when there is something wrong."

She says if you're fighting Cancer to just stay positive and follow through with your treatment and follow up even when you'e done, because if she didn't do that the doctors wouldn't have known that the Cancer was back.

There is a GoFundMe page with more than $40,000 raised, they're trying to raise $60,000.

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