Tybee Island pier still closed after Hurricane Matthew

Tybee Island pier still closed after Hurricane Matthew

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - Hurricane Matthew and its effects still evident even after the storm swept through our area four months ago.

You may remember the pier on Tybee was damaged. Aerial footage of the pier after the storm showed the damage to the Tybee Island Pier, which is still closed.

You can still see wood planks hanging off the side and wires hanging down underneath.

The pier is owned by the county and the chairman says they're going to get it open as quickly as possible.

"I was very surprised and shocked that it was closed, its a beautiful day we should be out enjoying it," said Diane, Tybee visitor. "I don't understand why its not fixed and I'm hoping its fixed soon."

"We rode out here today so we could go walking on the pier but its closed," said Amy, visiting Tybee.

"We expect it to be open before the real major tourist thrust at Tybee Island," said Al Scott, Chatham County Commission.

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