WTOC Sweet Week: Baker's Pride

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It is Sweet Week on WTOC all week long, where we will take a look at the bakers and bakeries in the area, and see some of their specialties just in time for Valentine's Day.

Joella Baker started her business, Baker's Pride, 35 years ago.

So, she is the baker behind Baker's Pride. And it is a business that honors its roots, familial and historical.

In times of uncertainty, Joella Baker turns to the good book.

"It's like, where's the bible," said Baker. "It's one huge recipe book."

The Bible at Baker's Pride is Baker's Pride, a collection of recipes that Joella Baker has gathered over five decades, from when she learned to bake while accompanying her mother to work.

"There were several bakeries I was in and I said, I could learn that," said Baker. "And, really, if you can read a recipe, you can make it. But you've got to follow the recipe."

From the recipes in the Bible has come a display case full of sweet choices. Plump, airy donuts, crispy fritters, cookies and cakes that makes Baker's Pride a popular stop along one of Savannah's busiest rush-hour thoroughfares. For many, the go-to place for special events.

"We've got some that are second and third generation of birthday cakes," said Al Lang, Co-Owner, Baker's Pride. "They got them when they were married, then they got their kids, then they got their kids wedding cakes. We like the holidays when our original, older customers come in, so I give mom a yell, 'Mr. Jenkins is out front.'''

A family theme runs through Baker's Pride from the bottom line with the mother, daughter and son-in-law who are equal partners, to the front line.

"We tell people when they come to apply to work here, if you can't be a part of the family, you can't work here," said Trisha Lang, Co-Owner, Baker's Pride.

But there is also a sense of history that reaches beyond the 35 years Baker's Pride has been around, a tribute to Savannah's baking past in the work table that was once in McCorkle's Bakery or the Chocolate Chewy on the menu that Ms. Baker learned from its inventor, Isser Gottlieb.

"Every time we see the chocolate chewies come out and how beautiful they are, we think of Gottleib's and every time we see a birthday cake, we think of Mr. Lee and his bakery. And after 35 years, we still remember where that came from."

Even as Baker's Pride makes its own baking history every day.

Baker's Pride is in the Kennsington Shopping Center on Derenne Avenue, but you just might taste them downtown once in a while too because they supply cakes and breads to several restaurants in the Historic District.

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