Hudson's Seafood dock repaired after Hurricane Matthew damage

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - Businesses on Hilton Head Island still on the road to recovery after Hurricane Matthew knocked down thousands of trees and destroyed dozens of docks, including the main outdoor eating areas at Hudson's Seafood.

Immediately after the storm, the dock was damaged. Decreasing the restaurants capacity size by about 80 people. So the restaurant had to improvise and created a new temporary outdoor eating space while they waited for their dock to be repaired.

Crews have been working for the past two months to rebuild that space. The owner says the project highlights the restaurants return to normalcy.

"This will show that everything is whole," said Hudson's owner, Andrew Carmines. "I think it's good for the employees, the community, for everyone to see that it can be done."

Carmines says the new deck should be up and running by February 20. Just in time for the kickoff of the island's seafood festival.

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