Adrian Peterson provides scholarship for young boy's speech therapy

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Lots of famous people talk about giving back, but few do it the way Adrian Peterson has.

Phillip Sommer, 9, started speech therapy last April to help him pronounce some letters a little better. But Hurricane Matthew leveled much of his family's pecan orchards and the source of income to pay for his therapy.

"I cried when I had to call up here and tell them that we couldn't afford to come back. I just remember feeling hopeless," said Phillips' mother, Ann Sommer.

They had no way to know that former Georgia Southern football great Adrian Peterson had contacted the speech clinic and offered a one-year scholarship to cover a patient's therapy.

"To be able to call a family and tell them that the funds are in place to take care of their treatment is huge," said Speech Pathologist Caroline Bowman.

They also had no way to know that AP had struggled with stuttering himself. Years ago, we showed you one of his sessions. To him, giving back is important.

"To know that a kid who stuttered and had problems with speech would become a motivational speaker, it gives hope. It can be a long struggle. But hard work pays off," said Peterson.

Phillip told me away from the camera that he'd never had a favorite football player, but he does now.

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