Good News: Bluffton Middle School students celebrate bus drivers

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - A round of applause as Bluffton Middle School students celebrate the unsung heroes of their school: the bus drivers.

"Who's the first school official they see every morning?" said Assistant Principal Steven Schidrich. "And it's the bus driver. And that relationship is really important because if it's not good, students come to school unprepared to learn."

That's why these students got together to present a signed "thank you" banner and breakfast to their drivers. It's all part of the district's School Bus Driver Appreciation Week.

"Everyone in the school appreciates them for all they have done," said Jackson Sacha, a student of Bluffton Middle School.

Tamara Lopez said, "They work so hard. And it's good that we take the time to appreciate everything they do for us."

The drivers admit that some days it can be a tough ride. Kenneth Frazier, Sr., who has been driving a bus for seven years, explains, "If they knew what we go through every day driving this!"

But being recognized Wednesday for their work behind the wheel makes the job worthwhile.

"Makes you feel good to really be appreciated," said Caesar Wright, who has been a driver for 37 years.

"It does," Frazier adds. "Those are the good parts of this job. Yes, ma'am. It's very rewarding."

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