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Sweet Week: Twisted European Bakery

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You can find almost any kind of pastry or cookie or cake you're looking for in Savannah...except on Sunday. 

In many parts of the country, Sunday is the busiest day of the week for bakeries, but for most here, it means a day off.

For many, it's simply a matter of being in the Bible Belt. The folks at Baker's Pride say Sunday is God's day, or a day of rest, but for some of the single owner-operator shops in town, it's just a matter of practicality. As Linda Moore at Mattie Belle's says..."Mama needs a day off." However, we did find one bakery open on Sunday - the Twisted European in Bluffton - but even they have one faith-based stipulation. 

Take an Italian from Philly...

"My last name is Pisano," said Stephanie Pisano. 

And a Greek from Athens...

"People say, 'you're from Greece, where is the baklava,' said Chris Veneris. 

Plop them in the middle of Old Towne Bluffton.

"If you're having a cannoli, you go to Italy. If you're having a spanikopita, you go to Greece."

What you come away with is the Twisted European Bakery. 

"Everything - not frozen. Everything is made like the old days," Veneris said. 

Strudels, pastries, and authentic artisan breads are all the stock and trade of the two-man team of Chris Veneris and Stephanie Pisano. 

"If he was an octopus, we'd be able to serve everybody," Stephanie joked. 

Italian, Greek. A lot of passion goes into this product. 

"Yes, absolutely. Everything is made by hand. The only machines that we have is a mixer and an oven. Everything that we have is made with love," Stephanie said. 

Love and tradition. Although the bakery is less than six months old, the art of baking is something to which Chris was born. 

"My father was a baker, my grandfather was a baker, and also my father had seven brothers over in Greece. They all have bakeries," he said. 

The Twisted European is open on Sundays - a rarity for bakeries in the South. Stephanie insists they are keeping a sacred tradition - not breaking one. 

"We're open from 9 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon, and we thought that was very important, because back in the day, everybody went to church, and you went to the bakery. It's just common," she said. 

One important distinction is that Chris does not bake on Sundays. 

"Sunday is the day of rest. It's orthodox. So, we do other things, but the bread is something with God. It's a holy thing, so that's my custom, and I keep my custom. No bread on Sunday," he said. 

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