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Good News: Groves HS BETA Club

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(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)

Sometimes, you catch students passing notes out of class.

"It was really, really nice,’’ Groves High School Senior Kristin Sample said of visiting elderly patients at Signature Healthcare. “Whenever I gave them a card, their smile just made me so happy.’’

That was the Groves High School BETA Club's reward for making days at Signature by delivering early Valentine's messages earlier this week. The elite group of honor students wrote messages to residents and were accompanied by the Groves choir, who sang to the folks at Signature.

"Oh, it was marvelous,’’ said resident Hazel Green. “They were sending a whole lot of love.’’

The BETA Club also sends out a message to other Groves students, leading by example and achieving through a variety of service projects in and out of school.

"They have done food drives, they have done beautification of the cafeteria at school for the students,’’ said Chiquita Polite, the BETA Club’s advisor and a Groves counselor. “And in March, we'll be doing the shamrock campaign for multiple sclerosis.’’

"A lot of my peers and teachers do look up to me,’’ added Groves sophomore Damyia Albury, a member of the club. “They feel that I am very mature to be in BETA and also, they feel that I have the full potential as a BETA Club member.’’

The club does at least one service project each month, and sharing messages of love and kindness seemed a fitting project this month.

"It says a lot,’’ said Green. “Not a lot of kids these days are going to take time to come out and see about the elderly, and we do appreciate it every time.’’

"I just love to see their faces,’’ added Albury. “And I love knowing that we as BETA Club at Groves High School made them happy.’’

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