Savannah City Council to reconsider Stage on Bay alcohol license

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It appears Savannah City Council is wanting to change their tune when it comes to considering granting an alcohol beverage license for The Stage on Bay.

Thursday, council members decided with a majority vote to reconsider the license, but it's still not what the venue's ownership wants to hear.

The best-case scenario for The Stage on Bay would've been to get the alcohol beverage license Thursday. But after some consideration during the regular meeting, the council decided to table the reconsideration until the next meeting. Giving them time to talk to the neighborhoods surrounding the venue.

Earlier this month, the lawyer representing The Stage on Bay filed paperwork that will eventually lead the business seeking $6 million in damages if the city does not grant the license by March 2.

If the city does grant the license before or at that time, the settlement would only be around $150,000.

Alderman John Hall, who had previously voted against granting the license, was the first to make the motion to reconsider Thursday.

"We are going to lose this case. We are going to lose this case. There is a precedent that we cannot ignore," said District 3 Alderman John Hall.

Will Claiborne, the attorney for The Stage on Bay's owner, said he could not comment on Thursday's decision by council on the behalf of this client.

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