4 churches broken into in 2 months in Liberty County

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - "Somebody knows something. I want someone to come forth and tell us so we can do our job and put this person behind bars where they need to be," said Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes.

A clear message from the Liberty County sheriff. He is looking for whoever is responsible for breaking into four churches in two months all across the county. Small churches off of Oglethorpe Highway and Talmadge Road were all targets.

Sheriff Sikes says more than one person is responsible and they are breaking into the churches to steal sound equipment. He says since January, he's nearly doubled his surveillance in that area.

Church break-ins are not the only problem, though. Home break-ins are on the rise as well. His message to all residents is to stay vigilant.

"This is the type of person we got to get off the streets. Anyone that would break into the good Lord's house, for personal gain, needs to be behind bars," said Sheriff Sikes.

"It's eye-opening. Years ago you could just leave the doors of the church open and you'd enter at any time you'd feel like it and now it's to the point where you got to make sure you got everything secured and locked up and it shouldn't be like that, but this is a new day in a new year," said Light of the World Deliverance Center Minister Jerry Johnson.

Johnson says he prays whoever stole the equipment has a change of heart and surrenders to police.

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