Drivers, Police Fed Up with Rough Railroad Crossing

Drivers complain the tracks can damage vehicles.
Drivers complain the tracks can damage vehicles.

Crossing railroad tracks is probably not the best thing for your car, especially the tracks on Dean Forest Road located about halfway between US Highway 80 and Georgia State Route 21. They may not look that bad, but try going over them. It's brutal on the car and rattling for passengers.

"To and from work every day, it's a lot of wear and tear going over it every day," said Don Kirkpatrick of Rincon.

"There are two in a row too," noted driver Matt Galindo of Savannah.

The crossings in question are right on the Chatham County-Garden City line, but they're not the ones responsible for fixing the problem. CSX railroad owns the tracks and it's up to the company to fix them.

"I think they should fix it, no doubt about it, and be responsible for everybody's cars that get damaged going over it," said Kirkpatrick. "Your tires, shocks, whole bottom end, it's just not good for it."

"It's definitely rough on cars, if you don't have the proper suspension," said Galindo.

The problem with the crossing is the road is bowed, there are cracks, and in some places the rail is separated from the road as much as three inches. Crossing the tracks also causes a traffic problem: not many drivers abide by the 45-mile-an-hour speed limit.

"It's bumpy, you either have to go really, really slow or you have to go really fast," said Galindo.

Local police are fed up with the problem too. "We get a lot of phone calls," said Garden City police chief David Lyons.

And then they call CSX. But so far, they say it's been all talk from the railroad and no action.

CSX says right now, there are no plans in the works to repair the crossing. But a spokeswoman told us this afternoon they are going to look into the problem.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,