Top Teen--Chip Burns

Chip Burns
Chip Burns

There are some people who really don't have to study a lot. They just naturally catch on very quickly. And Chip Burns is one of them.

He just graduated from the Savannah Arts Academy and has a very bright future ahead of him.

Chip has a knack for music. His favorite instrument is the guitar. He took lessons for a short time, but eventually went the independent route and taught himself.

"I started two years ago, and after about six months, I started playing on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings," he said.

He plays at his church, and alongside him his good friend Darren Harrison. "He is very serious about what he does and is a very fast learner," Darren told us. "You can give Chip a piece of music and within a couple of days he's got it learned."

It's a wonder he has the time. This summer, Chip has a full-time job working for Coca-Cola. Because of that, he had to scale back at the YMCA, where he's been a camp counselor for four years. "I went from being a junior counselor, to, last year, being a senior counselor."

As for the future, GSU is in Chip's sights. "I'm going to start there in the fall and I'll get in the medical field after I get my degree."

Sounds like he has a plan. And a promising future. That's why Chip Burns is this week's WTOC Top Teen.

Chip plans to be a nurse-anesthetist.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,