Jasper County School District discusses staggering bell times

JASPER CO., SC (WTOC) - The Jasper County School District is asking for input on its newest proposal: staggering bell times between grade levels.

Right now, elementary, middle and high schoolers all attend school at pretty much the same time and that is causing transportation issues.

On Wednesday, a town hall meeting was held to hear from community members, staff and teachers.

The district is essentially divided into two campuses. A Hardeeville campus that houses grades K-8 and a Ridgeland campus, home to elementary students and grades 9-12.

The bell schedule causes extra bus routes and more time spent waiting at home or school.

Superintendent Donald Andrews said, "This is kind of a planning time for them after house and many of them are on duty, so we want to look at that. And it also is a little bit of a cost-savings for us as far as transportation, because as you know, we're in a bus driver shortage. And so we possibly could eliminate some bus routes to expand it this way, in such a way that it would benefit everyone."

If approved, the proposal would kick in for the next school year.

The next town hall meeting is February 27. The district is hoping to see more people there to get some more input.

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