WTOC Good News: Bradwell Institute student volunteers honored

LIBERTY CO., GA (WTOC) - At Bradwell Institute, you never know what you'll find in Charlie Moon's special education class.

The music hardly sounds like a science lesson on acids and bases, especially with students cheering on their friends. Dozens of them volunteer here through a program called "Friends Helping Friends."

"I feel like I'm making a difference in the world, which is hard to do because I'm young," said volunteer Kamryn Johnson.

General education students with good grades and good behavior volunteer in their off-time to work with special needs students on fine motor skills and more. Many of them used to be shy and withdrawn.

"But now, we've got a student who'll run down the hall to general education students to get dap and give fist bumps and say hello and everybody knows them," said Moon.

They've also seen grades come up, too. Volunteers just went to Atlanta this week for recognition at the capitol for classroom work and the formal gala they sponsor each spring for the students.

"These students are dancing with them, helping them eat. They really know them. The gala is an extension of what these guys do in here all year," said Moon.

Volunteers tell me their time with students makes it worthwhile.

"And she asked if she could draw with me and I said sure. She drew a picture in my sketchbook and I said I'll keep this forever. I love it," said volunteer Charbriel Martinez, a volunteer.

Students tell me they get as much out of this as the students they help.

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