Planning the future of the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - For nearly a month now, many in the community have been at odds with the board of directors and administrators at the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club.

The board put the historic building, home to the century old club on East Charlton Street, on the market without letting the families who send their children there or the community know. Because of the outrage from the community, the board took the building off the market.

Thursday night, they met with parents and neighbors as they try to plan for the future.

Several supporters and neighbors coming together this evening to hear what's next for the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club. Board members and administrators talked about the need for expansion because of the large number of children they serve, although they say they don't have the space to serve the needs of Savannah's young people.

Some realizing that the club has outgrown the neighborhood are now offering to help develop a plan and help raise money, but they want assurance from the board that there would be more transparency, unlike when the board put the building up for sale.

One board member saying they will be more forthcoming during the process by including more people from the community in the decisions they make. Some others want the board to keep this location even when they build a new state of the art facility in a different location.

"With this building being off the market, we would like it to remain a satellite location. Perhaps a teen center. We do understand the board needs money to build the new facility. We are willing to help them raise those funds without selling this property," said Kwanza Gardner, a longtime supporter of the Boys and Girls Club.

They also want to preserve the heritage of the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club. Only time will tell if the board goes along with that plan, but from the looks of the crowd at the town hall meeting, they have many who are willing to work along with them reach a decision that everyone can live with.

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