Anonymous Tip Leads to Drug Bust

Police say drug dealers will have a little less to sell tonight after a significant drug bust. It happened early this morning in Liberty City.

They found a large amount of marijuana, crack and powder cocaine. And this was how they got it: one person who was willing to call in something suspicious to police.

Savannah alderman Clifton Jones had no idea Friday morning's drug bust would hit literally so close to home. "My wife told me, maybe a half an hour ago, that someone said to her that there was a drug bust on our street last night," he said.

Around 4:30am Friday morning, someone called police to tell them several men were smoking and selling marijuana on Stuyvesant Street. The men ran off when police got there. But what they left behind was significant: their cars, their keys, two guns. and drugs.

"We did seize a substantial amount of marijuana--nearly two pounds--and a substantial amount of crack and powder cocaine," reported Capt. Larry Branson.

Jones hopes it will send a message to the dealers, and especially young people. "They feel it's something they need to do in order to get fast money, but that's all it is because eventually, they will be apprehended."

While police search for the suspects, they know, thanks to an anonymous caller, they've scored one more victory in the war on drugs.

"We've put a nice little dent in somebody's party this weekend," said Capt. Branson. "It is just a drop in the bucket for what we believe is in this community, but there won't be any substantial amount of marijuana or cocaine on the street tonight because we took it off the street this morning."

Police arrested Joseph Price near Stuyvesant Street this morning. He was running from police. It took police K-9 Binky to stop him.

Price is already on parole and was out past his curfew, but he has not yet been charged in connection with the drugs that were found.

If you have any information about what happened, call police or CrimeStoppers at 234.2020.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,