Day in the life of a heart nurse at Memorial Health

Day in the life of a heart nurse at Memorial Health

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Heart nurses play an important role in making sure procedures in the Electrophysiology Lab go smoothly.

Robb Wallace is one of the best at Memorial Health.

"I love it. I've just been doing it forever. So, now it's just kind of second nature," said Wallace.

The main job of a heart nurse is to tend to the patient.

"Primarily is just to watch the patient, make sure that the patient is cared for so that the physician can do his job."

Wallace also checks vital signs and administers medicine. He has been working as a nurse for 42 years. He says he's seen a lot of change in technology since he started in 1975.

"Now, we have computers, we're able to take a picture of the inside of your heart with at CAT scan and we can take that and put it in the computer. We can make a 3D monitor out of it and slice it and look inside," he said.

Wallace's day starts bright and early.

"I get here about 6:30 in the morning."

He works until the job is done, however long that takes.

"Six to eight hours or they can be up to 12 or longer."

No matter the time spent, he always has the patient's best interest at heart.

"You still get this kind of immediate gratification when you're finished because our patients are better and often times completely fixed and that's way cool."

Pink scrubs and silver hair aside, Wallace really stands out for his positive and calming demeanor.

"If I've done my job right, by the time we're finished you will love me and that's what I work for," he laughed.

As much as Wallace loves taking care of patients, he hopes you will never need him. This heart month he wants you to remember to take good care of yourself.

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