Financial advisor reacts to record-high markets

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The stock market closed Friday at another record high as the DOW inches closer to a record 21,000.

The other markets measuring the top 500 and 3,000 US businesses are also at an all-time high.

A Savannah financial advisor says this is good for everyone, those who do and don't invest. He suggests sticking in the market if you're invested.

He also says it's time to get in the game if you're waiting to invest. Even for the everyday person, good markets are good news.

"When markets are good like this, businesses are a little more aggressive, they're growing. Salaries are a little bit better. Job opportunities are a little bit better. If we're all at work, then we all do better and live better," said Michael Dayoub, CFP at Alpha Financial Management.

Dayoub says consumer credit is easier when the markets are high. That makes buying a new car or home easier.

He adds the strong rebound post-election rewarded patient investors.

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