Giraffe watch enters weekend still with no baby

Giraffe watch enters weekend still with no baby

HARPURSVILLE, NY (RNN) - Baby giraffe watch has entered the weekend.

Tens of thousands of people are tuned in watching April the giraffe walk around her pen and do very little else waiting until she has a baby.

The live YouTube feed was not live earlier, but has resumed after some "technical maintenance," according to the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page.

The reticulated giraffe calf could be born at any time. It will be April's fourth calf and her mate Oliver's first calf. The animals live at Animal Adventure Park.

The little giraffe won't be all that little. At birth it will weigh in at about 150 lb. and will stand at about 6' tall, Animal Adventure Park said.

The feed was earlier removed by YouTube after it was labeled sexually explicit. The park blamed the removal on animal rights activists who oppose zoos.

While April has not yet given birth, the park reported on its Facebook page that it welcomed two other babies Saturday morning - twin black belly Barbados lambs.

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