Consider This: Town Hall

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - In numerous auditoriums and meeting spaces last week, dozens of Republican congressmen and women shunned their party's advice and held town hall meetings.

Our area's 1st District Congressman, Buddy Carter, held five of these events over three days all around his sprawling southeast Georgia district. Many leaders throughout the country opted out of having them. I commend the congressmen, as well as South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford, as they knew they were walking into the lion's den to face the angry part of their electorate.

Hundreds of people packed into the Armstrong Center on Tuesday to address their concerns with Carter and hundreds more had to voice their opinion from either the lobby or the parking lot, as there just was far too many people and not enough space. By definition, a town hall meeting is designed to allow people to gather, present ideas, voice their opinions or ask questions of public figures.

There was plenty of that this week, and not just here in Savannah. There was an abundance of voicing opinions across our country, but very little discussion and even less listening on either side of the equation.

Consider this:  What I saw and heard this week was democracy at its finest. Those who we've elected to represent us in Washington coming home to hear the voice of the people, and those who disagree with the direction our new congress and president have charted exercising their right to express their convictions freely.

Will anything Carter or Sanford heard this week change their mind, or their votes, as they go back to governing our country? Time will only tell. But they along with other members of this congress know full well that ultimately, we the people will get the final word come election day November 6th, 2018.

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