Rep. Buddy Carter reacts to President Trump’s first Address to Congress

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Immediately following Tuesday night's Presidential Address, WTOC spoke with Congressman Buddy Carter about his impressions, specifically as it related to the president's stated attempt to make this speech a message of unity.

Carter said he thought the president, "hit a home run, inspiring even him."  Particularly the way he reached out on the issue of immigration.

"Well, I think he made a number of points when he talked about immigration.  I mean this is a president, I feel like, has been somewhat misunderstood on the subject. I mean, throughout the campaign, when I heard him talk about a wall, he made it clear.  That wall is going to have a big door in it. And those people who are willing to do the right thing and to go through the right procedures, they're welcome to come through that door," said Rep. Carter.

When asked about last week's spirited town hall in Savannah, Rep. Carter replied, "Well, first of all, to have such a large turnout, and have such passion, I know that it got unruly at times and that's unfortunate but, that's understandable. People love America. And whether it's Democrats or Republicans, we all love our country.  We want what's best for our country so I took no offense to anything that was said.  I understand that I represent all people of the 1st District."

Rep. Carter says he was impressed that this president was able to lay out a path to a brighter future for the country and at the same time unite the country behind that plan.  Bottom line, Carter felt that Mr. Trump's speech was in fact, a message of unity for the Democrats to at least consider.

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