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An Artful Summer You and Your Children Will Enjoy

An Artful Summer You and Your Children Will Enjoy

How is it that just when it seems last year’s holiday decorations are put away, it is already time to start thinking about how to keep your children entertained and engaged during the summer months?  Summer camp registrations are under way, and the Telfair Museums’ Jepson Center offers a variety of summer camp sessions for children of all ages that will peak their curiosity about the visual arts and nurture those budding talents.  Camp themes range from crafting to STEAM-based exploration.  To encourage creativity at home, try one of these activities:

1.  Firework Painting – This is a great activity for young elementary school children.  Create an Independence Day-inspired picture using some simple household items including glitter, glue, and pipe cleaners.  Bonus opportunity: engage your children in a conversation about Independence Day, and why it is an important celebration in the United States.

2.  Rubber Band guitar – A project well-suited for older elementary school children.  There are several ways to construct a musical instrument from household items such as a tissue box and rubber bands.  This activity provides children with an opportunity to understand the physical properties of music and specifically how tension relates to pitch.

3.  Summer Souvenir Bowl – Suitable for all ages. This activity can span several weeks.  Talk to your child about documenting a specific experience, trip, or activity though photographs, pictures, drawings, maps and other printed material.  Have them keep the items in a folder or shoe box until crafting time.  Using a plastic cereal bowl or other vessel, apply the printed material with a decoupage medium, and let it dry.  Your kids will have an artful keepsake of their summer.

Summer Souvenir Bowl made of paper ephemera
Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

4.  STEAM Sand pendulum –  Suitable for all ages. Using a funnel, some string, and colored sand or salt, construct a simple pendulum.  As the pendulum swings, the resulting sand drawings begin to resemble planetary orbits.  This activity presents a great opportunity to discuss the physics of equilibrium.

For more art inspiration, visit  To register for 2017 summer camps, click here.

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