Emotional vigil held Tuesday night for teenage shooting victim in Savannah

(Source: Family)
(Source: Family)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Six shootings in two days in Savannah. Two people killed, including a 47-year-old woman and a 16-year-old boy.

Tuesday night, dozens came together to mourn the loss of 16-year-old Kevin Jackson, who was shot and killed Monday on Crosby Street in Savannah.

Tuesday was not only about members of the community, the neighborhood and several anti-violence groups offering support to the teenager's family. It was also a call to action.

Before the vigil, Savannah Youth City put up homemade signs hoping the message would hit home for anyone passing through the block where Jackson was fatally shot.

"He hadn't even really lived. He hadn't lived at all. You got 16 years," said Berry Rice, a Crosby Street resident.

"I feel sad for the family. And I think Savannah, it just needs to get better," said another Crosby Street resident, Kiyonna Tankson.

Tuesday's vigil for Jackson aimed to heal and empower the young people who showed up.

"All of you are here for a reason. And we declare tonight that you will live, you will walk in your purpose and you will be great. As these prayers go out tonight, we want to uplift this family. We want to let her know that we are one," Said Beverlee Trotter, with Savannah Youth City.

The family of the teen, including his mother, were part of Tuesday night's vigil.

There's a lot of young people out there, this is an opportunity, this is an opportunity for us adults, us parents...us dads, us moms, us grandmothers to change lives," said Trotter.

Anti-violence advocates challenged the neighborhood youth to put down guns, and to focus on goals and their futures.

"Everybody has a dream when they're young, they want to make something of themselves. And that's y'alls goal, y'all need to keep pushing. Don't never let anybody put you down, don't never let anybody tell you, you ain't good enough," said Shawntray Grant, with the Bullhorn Crew.

District Alderman Van Johnson also attended and challenged parents to pull their children back from a life of crime. "We're putting our potential in the ground," Johnson said. He asked the crowd, "Aren't you sick and tired of this?" A resounding 'yes' was the response.

Leaders with Savannah Youth City mentioned Tuesday they are still doing the gun buyback program in an effort to get guns out of the hands of those who aren't permitted. Click here for more information.

This is the second loss for Johnson High School in three weeks. Kevin Jackson was a freshman at the school. Senior, 17-year-old Tristin Gray was killed February 16. He died after a shooting on Pennsylvania Avenue.

No arrests have been made in his murder.

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