Stage on Bay owner demands damages from Savannah

Stage on Bay owner demands damages from Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Last week, The Stage on Bay received its official alcohol beverage license from the City of Savannah, after weeks of debate and a threatened multi-million dollar lawsuit from the owner.

Wednesday, the owner made good on his promise to demand damages from the city for the six weeks he was not able to operate his business. Charles Schmitt instructed his attorney to send the city a letter saying rather than filing a lawsuit for those damages, he is asking for a reasonable sum to resolve his claims.

The letter says two things have happened because of the delay in issuing the alcohol license: that it wrongfully denied the ability to open and operate his business and that nearly every city council member acknowledged that the city had no legal basis to deny his application.

Finally, the figure he is proposing the city pay for those damages is more than $151,000.

I reached out to the city for a comment on whether it intends to pay that fee or negotiate a lower one. No one in the public information office was picking up our calls Wednesday afternoon.

You can read the full letter sent by The Stage on Bay's attorney to the City of Savannah below: '

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