Good News: Christmas in Guyton

GUYTON, GA (WTOC) - Elizabeth Kenny's first Uber ride took her all the way from a Georgia game in November to Christmas in March. And it all started with a conversation with the driver.

"I said 'where do you live?' and he said 'Bethlehem,'" said Kenny. "And I looked at him and said 'Bethlehem?' And I said 'do you remember years ago when they used to write letters to Santa and there'd be a post office box?' He said 'you can do that up there, we answer them.'"

So, when Kenny came home to Guyton she had her four youngest grandchildren write letters to Santa and mailed them off hoping only to hear something in return.

"I asked in the note I put inside, would you please just send me back a note saying keep being good, see you at Christmas," said Kenny. "Just to keep Christmas alive."

Christmas came back to life for the grandchildren this week when Kenny's husband found a package with a notable postmark in their mailbox.

"He said, 'it's from the North Pole, what are you getting from the North Pole?'" said Kenny. "About the same time we both saw Bethlehem and that brought it back and Bob said 'the Uber driver' and I said 'yeah.'"

Inside the special package were gifts for each of the small children.

There was also the note, from Santa's Helper, that Kenny had hoped for. And there was an even more meaningful message.

"My husband and I said, 'you know, at a time when you need good things, this is a great surprise,'" said Kenny. "The children are going to be so excited. I can just hear them."

And Kenny thinks there's something for grownups in this experience too.

"It just goes to show you that there are good people in the world," she said. "And I just thought that was such a lift. So, if anybody wants to hear from Santa, just write him. Go ahead and write him."

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