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Ten New Trees Added to Warrior's Walk

They paid the ultimate price for our freedom, and friends and family will never forget. They're planting more trees on Fort Stewart's Warrior's Walk today. These events can be pretty difficult, especially for parents who've lost their children.

Every mother, father, husband, and wife knows that they could lose a loved one in war. And for families gathered today, that fear became a reality.

"It's just hard to believe it's happened," said Barbara Anderson, mother of a fallen hero.

And it's happened to ordinary people from all walks of life from every part of this country. A country these soldiers gave their lives serving.

"He was a good kid, just a country boy," said Anderson of her son.

Ten more trees have been added to Warrior's Walk, totaling 100. They now span the entire width of the fort's Cottrell Field.

"It just opened up the wounds all over again," said Diann Parker, who also lost her son.

Parents say there's no pain greater than the loss of a child, because it goes against the natural course of life.

Parker knew her 26-year-old son was gone one Saturday morning before they told her. "And they came, they said, 'I got something to tell you,' but when I saw them I already knew."

Now their names will lay next to the rest of the Third Infantry Division soldiers who died in this war, giving their families at least a little peace of mind.

"It's some place to come back and visit, put down flowers and it's something I can come back and see," said Parker.

Another path is being added to Warrior's Walk. The next tree dedication will be held in this new section next month.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com

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